Empowering Connections: Enabling Lives Beyond Limits
caregiver and woman with disability playing

Who We Are

We pride ourselves on being more than a developmental disability care provider; we’re a dedicated ensemble of professionals united by a single mission. Driven by compassion, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to innovation, we see beyond disabilities, focusing on unique strengths and aspirations. Our holistic approach has led us to craft evidence-based programs that empower each individual to lead a life marked by dignity and independence. As we continuously engage with families, caregivers, and the broader community, we’ve established ourselves as a beacon of hope and innovation, inviting all to experience the transformative power of unlocking potential, nurturing growth, and fostering inclusion in an inclusive, respectful ecosystem.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities by providing comprehensive, personalized services that promote their abilities, independence, and inclusion. We are committed to delivering innovative, evidence-based programs that support individuals in achieving their unique goals and enhancing their quality of life. We collaborate with families, caregivers, and communities, fostering an environment of respect, empathy, and mutual understanding. By advocating for equal opportunities, we aim to transform society’s perception and create a world where everyone can thrive and make a meaningful contribution, irrespective of their abilities.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is a future where every individual with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities lives a life characterized by self-determination, inclusivity, and equal opportunity. We strive to dismantle barriers and create supportive environments where everyone can fully participate, contribute, and thrive in their community. We believe in the potential of every individual to reach their personal milestones, harnessing the power of innovative practices, compassionate support, and enduring partnerships. Our goal at “Treasures” is to inspire a world that values diversity, celebrates unique abilities, and champions the right of everyone to lead fulfilling, meaningful lives.

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